Womens circle

Spending time on yourself, to recharge your batteries, debrief, build your own boundaries, intentions and self-love.

What if I said....

in our circles we spend time on self-love, self-care, setting boundaries, intention, time for you....would this interest you?

Let me hold space for you, to sit with you, honour you, your time and energy.

We will go on a journey of familiar and not so familiar. Breathing, meditation, intention building, giving you space to delve into your innate inner wisdom.

As part of the sessions, we will drink cacao and at the end of each cycle, we will take part in a cacao ceremony and the 13th womb rite.

Ann is a qualified cacao medicine carrier and uses ceremonial cacao in all of her work.

Register your interest

You can now book your place on a weekly basis:

Sunday 6.00-7.00pm

Cost: £7 or £10 if you want cacao posting

Moving forward this will be in 4-week blocks

Join me on March 28th at 10 am

Dilston Physic Garden virtual wellbeing events

Mini Cacao Ceremony with Ann

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