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Durham Massage


We blend essential oils in this bespoke treatment. We begin by asking a series of questions to find out the best combination of essential oils for you. Once made we will then use it in an aromatherapy massage. 

An aromatherapy massage is traditionally a more gentle and rhythmic style of massage.

If you would prefer to have Aromatherapy combined with Swedish massage then just ask.

25 minutes £28

55 minutes £42

75 minutes £52

Balinese massage

Balinese and Indonesian massages are from the Spice Islands. Balinese massage is similar to Swedish massage, using forearms to create a deeper massage.

Traditionally you would receive a body scrub to prepare the skin for this massage, for Balinese we use Boreh, made of warming herbs and spices; nutmeg, ginger and galangal.

55 minutes £45

75 minutes with boreh £68

Bamboo Massage

Using different lengths of lightly warmed bamboo

pieces to massage into your muscles.

25 minutes £28

55 minutes £45

Body massage

Body massage also referred to as Swedish massage is a massage to work muscle groups to help stretch and relax them. Most of guru holistic therapy clients choose a 55 minute back neck and shoulder massage.

25 minutes back massage £23

55 minutes massage £35

75 minutes full body massage £47

Colon Massage

This massage is applied to the abdomen area to help to remind the digestive system and excretory system on how to work more efficiently. Often people come for this treatment when they are sluggish, constipated or want to detox. Can include cupping and a mask to the abdomen.

25 minutes £28

55 minutes £45


We use a mixture of cups, from glass (fire) cups, silicone cups and plastic cups in this treatment. Cups create negative pressure which helps to ease the tension out of taut muscles.

25 minutes £30

55 minutes £45

Deep tissue massage

Using hands, thumbs, knuckles, forearms and even elbows to create a deeper massage which helps to release tense muscles. Many of guru holistic therapy clients book a Swedish massage with deep tissue techniques to get a flowing and relaxing massage which targets tension.

25 minutes £25

55 minutes £38


Menopause Massage

if you are perimenopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal then this treatment will help to ease and maintain your body and hormonal system. Working on the lower back, then the abdomen, using acupressure points to help regulate hormonal changes and with the soothing rocking and supportive movements from womb massage therapy. Coupled with moonstone or rose quartz crystals and using our secret blend of womb massage essential oils, this is proving to be a popular treatment.

55 minutes £45

75 minutes with additional reflexology £60

Fertility Massage

Using womb massage therapy starting with a lower back massage, then an abdominal and womb massage can help to create balance and equilibrium in the body which is beneficial for fertility. Coupled with the use of rose quartz or moonstone crystals and our secret aromatherapy blend of oils to create a truly wonderful supportive treatment. We utilise acupressure points to work in harmony with your cycle and adding reflexology to the treatment can enhance the results.

This treatment is suitable before you ovulate so check your cycle. If you are having irregular bleeds then we will discuss this in the first appointment.

55 minutes £45

75 minutes with reflexology £60

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Gua Sha Body

Using a water buffalo gua sha tool to work on tense muscles,

this works deeply into the muscle and will leave marks. 

25 minutes £25

Himalayan warm salt stone massage

Himalayan salt has 78 minerals which are beneficial for our body.

Using slightly warmed salt stones to massage and gently

exfoliate the skin to welcome the minerals into the skin.

55 minutes £50

Honey Massage

The healing properties of honey within this naturally exfoliating

treatment helps to boost the circulation and condition the skin

all at the same time.

25 minutes £30

55 minutes £45

Hot compress massage

The beautiful fragrant herbs, spices and flowers of Thailand are made into a tightly packed bundle, tied securely and then pre-soaked ready for steaming. You will be massaged using the steamed compress which is rolled, patted and stroked along the muscles.

55 minutes £38

75 minutes £45

Hot Stone Massage or

Hot and Cold Stone Massage

Basalt stones taken from nature are used as they hold the heat for longer, are smooth and more sensory. The stones are heated above blood temperature and used to massage and stroke the body with the benefit of the heat radiating from them.

Cold marble stones can be applied to give the body a gentle shock

but stop the body from becoming overly fatigued.

25 minutes £33

55 minutes £50

75 minutes full body massage £62

Indian Head Massage

Sitting on a chair to receive a massage to the upper back, arms, neck, scalp and face. A chakra balance may be included.

25 minutes £23

55 minutes £35

Indonesian massage

This is different from Balinese massage as it works on compression, stretching and balancing the sen lines.

In Indonesia a scrub accompanies a massage to prepare the skin:

Lulur - a sandalwood and turmeric scrub

Coconino - Coffee and chocolate

55 minutes £45

75 minutes with Scrub £68


Not sure what to book?

Not sure what mood you are in?

Not sure which treatments would suit you?

Don't despair as we have devised Intuitive to take out the guesswork.

Let us take over and devise a treatment plan for you using many modalities.

55 minutes £45

Lomilomi massage

Lomi massage from the exotic islands of Hawaii. creates a flowing and rhythmic massage to the body using lots of oils to hydrate the skin. The massage moves replicate the gentle waves of the sea

ebbing and flowing.

55 minutes £50

75 minutes  £65

Pre and postnatal massage

We can work in all trimesters.

25 minutes £23

55 minutes £35

Rose therapy

Using rose quartz crystals with exotic and expensive rose oil to apply massage to the full body. Using the rose quartz tools to massage. Zen!

55 minutes £50

Thai Yoga Massage

Referred to as 'lazy man's yoga' due to the fact that the therapist does all the work putting your body and limbs into relaxing and stimulating positions and applying either compression or stretching actions. This is either done on the floor on a futon mattress or on the massage couch and you will be fully clothed.

Or choose Thai oil massage.

55 minutes £45

75 minutes £55

Tibetan Head Massage

A truly relaxing and sublime treatment applying soothing movements to the scalp, face and decolletage area. This treatment is akin to a moving meditation as you relax and go into a deeper state of true relaxation.

55 minutes £45

Womb Massage Therapy

A relaxing and balancing massage to the lower back, abdomen and womb line, using compression, holding techniques and rocking techniques as well as using acupressure points all working to create homeostasis. This is a truly nurturing, respectful massage, let us hold your space for you.

55 minutes £45

75 minutes including reflexology £60