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Relax and Breathe



Relax and breathe

"we got you"


Ayurvedic foot ritual

Starting with a foot soak infused with essential oils and a salt rub, then a foot massage using marma points, chakra points and reflexology points. Then onto the special kansa bowl, a 3-metal bowl to help detoxify the body. An ubtan

is applied to absorb toxin-filled oil and to soften and

relax the feet further. Steamed mitts complete this

sublime treatment.

55 minutes £45


Reflexology for fertility, maternity, and menopause can be included in this booking, please let us know.

Reflexology works on the systems of the body and the major internal organs creating balance. Most guru holistic therapies clients book this on a monthly basis.

55 minutes £35

Mindful Reflexology

working on the systems to dampen down the adrenals, encourage the body to stand down from "fight or flight".

55 minutes £35

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Enhancing fertility reflexology

Boosting the body to be in balance ready for ovulation.

40 minutes £35


Let me work with you and your cycle to work towards enhancing your chances of conceiving. The first appointment would include a consultation to find out about your cycle, your health history as well as your partner's.

We also can work alongside assisted fertility (IVF, ICSI, IUI).

40 minutes £35

Maternity reflexology

Can be received throughout pregnancy avoiding labour inducing points. Once past 37+ weeks these points can be used.

40 minutes £35

Relax and breathe

More foot treats...

Hot stone reflexology

Reflexology with the beautiful warmed basalt stones to give a truly luxurious experience.

55 minutes £45

Thai Foot Massage

A massage to the lower legs and feet including compression, stretching stick work and pressure points.

55 minutes £45

Paraffin Wax

We can add paraffin wax to soften the skin to any of the foot treatments.

Additional £10