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Relax and Breathe



Relax and breathe


"We got you"

Crystal Therapy

Using crystals to recharge the body. Using clear quartz and smokey quartz wands to remove negative energy and replace it with positive energy. Using a pendulum and a set of chakra stones to create balance.

55 minutes £45

Sound Therapy

Using a variety of sound therapy tools such as tingshaws, tuning forks, singing bowls, drum, koshi chimes to create a calm equilibrium.

55 minutes £45

Ear Candling and Massage

A gentle energy warming treatment using a hollow tube made of natural ingredients. Helpful for ear, nose and throat conditions.

Choose just candles at 25 minutes or 45 minutes with a lymphatic drainage massage

25 minutes £28

45 minutes £40

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Helping to rebalance mind body and spirit.

55 minutes £45

Power Retrieval

Using a drum to help encourage a power retrieval journey.

55 minutes £45


Not sure what to book? Not sure what mood you are in?

Not sure which treatments would suit you? Don't despair as we have devised Intuitive to take out the guesswork. Let us take over

and devise a treatment plan for you using many modalities.

55 minutes £45

Reiki Drumming

Using the drum to create a brainwave pattern that is

akin to a meditative state as you journey enveloped

in Reiki energy.

55 minutes £45

Tibetan Head Massage

A truly relaxing and sublime treatment applying soothing movements to the scalp, face and decolletage area. This treatment is akin to a moving meditation as you relax and go into a deeper state of true relaxation.

55 minutes £45

Womb Massage Therapy

A relaxing and balancing massage to the lower back, abdomen and womb line, using compression, holding techniques and rocking techniques as well as using acupressure points all working to create homeostasis.

This is a truly nurturing, respectful massage, let

us hold your space for you.

55 minutes £45

75 minutes including reflexology £60